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Month Eleven

Well a couple of months ago I was having pains in my abdomen and my dr. who I just saw on july 28th, says it could be an imbalance of my hormones and I might need to up my dose. However.. my acne is really bad and my cholesterol was 100 and norm is 77-99 i believe so she put me on a cholesterol pill, some anti-biotics for my acne and 2 natural pills to supplement those drugs. She also lowered my T dose from 1cc every 14 days to .8 cc every 14 days to help my acne and cholesterol along. In addition, im having a rough time sleeping on my back still so I asked my surgeon, when i saw him also the 28th, for more flexiril to sleep more comfortably. The last thing I am currently on is vicodin for the pain im still having. My right incision is rejecting the stitiches just now and its lookin pretty bad cuz its opening a little but it seems to be healing. Im taking vitamins to help the healing process.


I saw my surgeon again on August 6th. That morning the scab fell off of my chest from the right nipple and all that was there was a gaping 1/2 inch hole the size of maybe a quarter. I was freaked until I saw Dr. Nguyen, he told me it was fine and to let it heal and in a year he will revize my chest, cut the left nipple to make 2 nipples... one for each side and revise the puckering effect and the scars. I am using mederma on the left side already, the sores are all gone and its just scar tissue so I am trying to minimize the rough appearance the best I can for now. As for the right side, I shower each morning and replace the gauze with new gauze and tape and wear tight wife beaters to hold it on well with some antibiotic ointment. Sleep is getting a little easier, my body can handle moving around a little more on the sides some without too much discomfort since Dr. Nguyen gave me some more flexiril. I also got some more percocet for the pain because when I can feel the hole its extremely painful and i sit still so I dont hurt it... but with the meds I can function alright. Thats about it, ill post some photos of my chest now.


These photos were taken the day before my appointment on the 6th.




These 3 photos were taken 8/9/08


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