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Oregon Trans Resources:

*Outside In* Trans/Identity Resource Center (TiRc)

Outside in offers grants for name changes for transgendered individuals who reside in Oregon. You must make an appointment and show up in person and meet and discuss your transition before they will write you a check out to your local court house to fully fund the name change process, however, you must purchase the packet of paper work if your court house doesn't supply them (most wont). If you don't understand how to fill out the paperwork, my advice is ask someone who has done it, ask a clerk for help or take it to your lawyer, becuse it can be a very confusing and tedious task. I can also try to helpm if you need it. Outside in also helps transgenders who don't have medical insurance, get their injections for free I or atleast at a very low cost.

Oregon Transgender Resources

Portland Q Center

Resources PDX



For Medical Care: Hormone treatment etc. (In Oregon)

Outside In
Call for an appointment
Sara Becker, MD.
Call for an appointment
Suzanne Scopes, ND.
Call for an appointment
Tyler Smith, ND.

For Counseling (In Oregon):

Reid Vanderburgh, LMFT
Call for an appointment
Marc LeJeune, LCSW
Call for an appointment
Call for an appointment

Personal T Male experiences:

*Curently looking for new websites to add here*

Other Trans Resources:

The Intersexed Society of North America

Some Transgender Definitions

FTM Resource Guide

Yay for Queers Chat



***Please, if you know of any other helpful links or would like your website listed under the experience section, e-mail me with the information and I will creedit you, someone out there will thank you for the info.

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