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I had written about a bad experience I had with Dr. Nguyen in Lake Oswego, OR, for my top surgery. I decided to write him a letter and try to see what he can or will do for me. My chest still hasn't changed much in the way of healing and its very annoying... I am posting a copy of the e-mail I sent him below.
"Hello Dr. Nguyen,
I'm sure you remember me, Jason Martinez. I have been wanting to write this e-mail for a long time, but never did. I remember you saying in your office to me once, that you prefer your patients to come to you when they are dissatisfied with their results instead of complaining and regretting having it done. I have been battling with myself about wether or not I feel its worth it to say anything to you, but I truly am unhappy with the way my chest looks. It has been over 2 years since my first surgery and then over a year since my revision. I have a lot of pain all the time- and I mean a lot. I cannot lift weights when I am in my workout class, more then a few minuets at a time before my chest starts aching and there are small sores that open and close every once in a while. Besides the pain, I think my chest looks like a cosmetic flaw. I had severe scarring very visible and I don't know if you know the term "dog ears" but mine are getting worse because I cannot work out and build my chest into shape. I just feel bad about myself when I look in the mirror and I cannot go swimming without a shirt on... these are things we discussed when I first came for my consultation- you had every bit of confidence in your work and I totally trusted you. I am not judging you personally, please don't think that... you are very nice and I am glad to have had you as my Dr. However, I do feel that my chest wasn't your best work and I am stuck with it the way it is. I am financially bound at the moment, still in debt from my first surgery with you, plus a lot of new things have come up in my life right now and on top of everything my confidence is at an all time low because I just don't feel good about the way my chest looks. I am writing to you in hopes that you can understand my position and see if there is anything you can do for me. I can't afford anesthetics or the facility that I paid for the first time, but I am extremely uncomfortable with going under the knife again, let alone doing it while awake, like we tried in my revision. It was a grueling experience and a bit traumatic, being that I felt a lot of the cutting you did when the local didn't work. I am altogether apprehensive about even touching my chest again, regardless of who does it, but I do need to do something because of the pain and the sores. It is for the best that I take care of this, so that I can move on and work on my health. Thank you for reading this. I hope you have a nice holiday.
Kind Regards,
Jason Martinez"

UPDATE: My surgeon's front desk lady was very fast to reply and very nice. She booked me an appointment to see Dr. Nguyen for the 15th of December and we will go from there. I will post an update here after I go see him and share my news wether it be good or bad.


Notice the extra tissue, its not there because I am chubby, but because he wanted to leave some tissue there to make it look like i had muscles, instead of allowing me to work out and create real ones? I wont ever understand this. Anyhow, the scars are stretching outward from the center and creating a sunburst effect and so they continue to get bigger. Its very painful.


Dr. Nguyen drew on my chest showing the type of cuts he would make. He would pull those lines together and make one thin scar line. I am not too pleased with any of the outcomes we discussed, but this seems to be the most beneficial, leaving the least amount of scar tissue left and it will clean up my shape and overall appearance. I would then get my nipples tattooed on for a cleaner look, rather than keeping his version of artificial, scar tissue, place holder nipple.

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