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Month Twelve


I've been pretty busy! Anyway, today is October 6th 2008, 1 year ago I started T. Am I satisfied with the changes I have seen over the last year? Yes I am but I wish my voice was a bit deeper and that I could grow some side burns! Otherwise this last year has been so good for me. I have been so happy and much more confident than I have been in years. On top of my transition I have been dealing with work, school and to top it off, a divorce and custody battle. I wont go into detail here but you get what I am saying... with that said, I still maintain a positive attitude and outlook on my life with every ounce of me and I am anxious to keep going no matter what. Sure I have bad days and days I wish I wasn't going through all of this just to maintain a "normal" life according to everyone who doesn't know I am trans... but the pros outweigh the cons by far. As far as the custody thing goes... it does kind of relate to my trans issue because of the fact that I am trans. I now wait to see what kind of judge our case gets and hope that he is fair and just, not close minded and pejudice against gender identity issues. I went to California this summer to visit my family, most of them didn't even know I was undergoing my transition. It was very difficult inside to hold myself together because I felt embarassed to some extent... to face them as Jace. On the other hand they are used to it now because I have a trans cousin. It wasn't all that bad really, I was happy to see them and it was everything I expectedd and more. They were totally cool with my new identity and called me Jace. My family is great and I couldn't ask for a better one. This week I go for my blood testing and I see my Dr. to check on my cholesterol and liver, due to the meds im currently taking, mentioned in month 10 or 11. I will see her friday, hopefully and update here about my health. Mental wise i'm better than I have been, physically i'm improving little by little but I am improving. I am currently taking a body conditioning class at my college to rehabilitate the muscles in my chest and build my upper body some. I have set a goal to lose 10-20 lbs. of body fat by January. We will see how that goes. My chest... well since I last posted an update, the hole has completely closed, but near the upper left hand corner of the right pectoral I have 2 sores which I think are from stitches not dissolving and my chest is very tender there, it hurts a lot so I am still taking pain meds when needed. Today in body conditioning I think I pulled a muscle under that right lung somehow... I need to take it easy. Hmm what else... my acne isn't by far gone... but it has gotten somewhat better from the meds I take, not really much though. It sucks having acne like this cuz no matter how good I feel about myself, my skin always has a way of bringing me down. At the moment I have done nothing topical to treat it except use the "Naturally Clear" face wash my Dr. sells me when I see her, and occasionally use mederma on the scars left behind by the acne, but no huge improvements have taken place. I just finished my 3rd bottle of T and have to order my 4th by next week. I am still taking .8cc every 2 weeks. until my Dr. changes that, but since I have had a lower dose I notice I feel sick the day my shot is due and I get severe cramps the day before, day of and day after my shot. I might have to ask her to change it back to 1cc.




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