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23 Months on T
(Pre/Post-op photos)


Before my revision June 26th, 2009


After my revision September 10, 2009

It's been about 2 months since my revision I just haven't had time to update about it. I have posted 2 photos for now showing before and after... as you see there is not much of a difference. I just want to start by saying if anyone out there is going for a revision, and they have a lot of scar tissue, my advice is do not get it done under a local aenesthetic even if you are doing it due to costs... this is basically what you get:
My surgeon prescribed me 2 valume and a bottle of percocet, advising me to take the valume prior to coming in to calm me and the percocet for the pain, so I ended up a bit loopy but the pain meds didnt kick in until I was done with the procedure. I came in to the office where my procedure was going to be done.. right at my surgeons doctor office. It was on a regular table with no I.V. just vials of novacaine and a student helper set of hands. I actually didn't know it was a student I thought it was another doctor. He had to inject me about 30 times to numb me even a little bit because of the excessive scarring. He began to cut and I could feel it all, the cutting the scraping (to remove the scar tissue) everything! He would then begin to inject me approximately 20+ more times full of novacaine in attempt to numb me but didn't suceed. It was a terrible experience and for the outcome I do not feel it was worth it. The surgeon was to remove my left side and create two, so I could have two nipples... instead he created a whole nipple/areola from the scar tissue I had there already and it looks the same really... After all that he reattaches the areas he cut off and then stitches it up like a shoe lace and pulls them tight to tighten the skin so it can heal well, so I felt that as well it was like when you are gauging your ear and you put in a new earring only 100x that painful stretching feeling plus it burned. I'm worried because I use mederma on the scarring, i'm positive that "nipple" will reduce in color and blend with my skin after some time so I am really upset and not satisfied what so ever. After all the pain I experienced, being that traumatic and blacking out from it, I wouldn't even let his student helper touch my chest when I went back for a post op. The gauze fused to the stitches cuz my surgeon told me not to remove or change it and the blood stuck bad so I was in his office for 2.5 hours soaking them trying to remove the gauze... I had the receptionist bring me scissors and tweezers so I could take my time. I don't mean to sound like i'm complaining but that was just the worst thing to have to go through... I am not even giving injections right now because the pain is traumatizing me to that point.
I will get some more photos posted soon and try to do a voice update.

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