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Month Nine


((I feel the way I look))


1032158.jpg shit


Hey readers. I know it's been a while since i posted anything to look at really... not many changes that I am comfortable taking photos of are really happening... just the underneath the clothes jazz. That's a bit too personal for me to expose sorrrrrry. Anyway... today's June 4th and I decided to get some new pics up so there they are. Yesterday I woke up with excrusiating pain (probably didn't spell that near correctly) in my stomach and saw a local urgent care dr. It seems my white blood cell count was high and so they think I have an infection (no idea how or why)... weird huh. I thought it was a pendicits ahhhh woulda been crappy since I have top surgery scheduled for June 26th!!!!! Not to mention that small bit of info, oh yeah finals week starts monday! God all this junk and I had to miss part of school, forcing myself to go to my business class later in the day just so I could participate in my groups last chance to get ready for our big presentation tomorrow. My stomach is killin me still and I am making myself do this. If I don't feel better by friday I will go in to have a CT scan...
As far as my hormones go... I decided to give my injection in the left leg I think was only my 3rd time doing so since I started my injections? I don't know but I get nervous and chicken out. I hurt myself doing it this time, I leaned on the needle sideways and bruised up my leg. Changes... lets see I have worse acne then last month. My chest and stomach are gettin prety fuzzy. My thighs are fillin in with hair. Growth in certain places on my body I wont mention has picked up a lot. My binder has been killing my back, I only wear it twice a week for school now and prefer not to leave the house on any other day unless I have to because of it. ((also making my stomach worse off having the binder and the pressure)).
June 12th I go to my pre-op, then on the 26th bright and early at 7:30 AM I will go under the knife and get my new man chest. I have mixed emotions about the whole thing. More then anything though I am finally going to be happy with my physical appearance to the extent that I should be anyhow... minus the weight/acne factor. So I guess that's it. Wish me luck and look for the new surgery photo section I will add at the beginning of Month 10 to the Hormone page. YES there will be photos!

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