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18 Months on T


On June 24th I had to go see a new DR. due to my insurance changing over, I cannot see the Dr. I was seeing since I started T because my insurance wont cover it. SOoo I went to my new patient appointment ready to tell the Dr. Everything he needs to know about hormone replacement therapy, since I was told there are no trans patients where I go, it was likely he wouldn't know a thing. I go in, start telling him my history of medical and he can't type properly. He wasted half hour fixing typing errors and figuring out how to use his computer.
We got down to business discussing my health and I asked him to refer me to a dermatologist because I took myself off of T for 2 months since my acne was becoming a huge problem (cystic). He decides to prescribe me 2 topicals to supplement the antibiotic I was already on.. ignores the rest of the issue. I ask about a diet plan, he hands me a cholesterol pamphlet. I asked him to write me a new perscription for T and have it sent to stroheckers since that's where I order... for the low prices they have and it became a huge headache but he wanted to switch me to cotton seed off of sesame oil... but i was hestitant cuz i dont know a thing about T or types... apparently neither did he cuz he asked for my approval.
I am not comfortable with this new Dr. I just want to be cared for the right way not by some idiot who needs to ask me if he's doing his job right.
SURGICAL REVISION: I ALSO saw my surgeon the same day, we discussed how the revision will go.
He is going to tighten my pecs up cuz the tissue is healed and relaxed... it's been 1 year so they are a bit saggy. He is also going to re-position my nipples (taking my good one and creating two, to replace my lost one) and touch up the excessive scarring around them so its a lot nicer to look at. I am not being charged because he is going to use a local in his office. So, I will be having my revision July 17th and then I will post photos from before/after the fact.

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