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Month Six





My Health: Thursday the 6th of march, I saw dr. Scopes for a follow up on my blood work. My bad cholesterol went down which is a good thing, but the good cholesterol did also. She told me to excersize more and to try to eat more fresh veggies (the ones in canned soup arent that great for you apparently)... my blood pressure is good and my heart rate is also. Everything seems to be fine. I let her know that 2-3 days before my shot is due (1cc every other sat.) my mood seems to be a challenge. I tend to get really annoyed really easily. She suggested once I get used to doing my shots more often, since I was having trouble before, that I could go back to a weekly injection. Sounds ideal, but I need to work on the mental part of it more first.
My acne started to get bad, she says this is because i'm in my worst stage right now, but instead of prescribing me an antibiotic for it, she sold me some natural supplements and after the first 2 days of using it, it seems to be working pretty good. I go back in 6 weks for a follow up on this treatment, then more blood work review in 3 months.
Phsyical Changes: I do notice more hair creeping up all over the place but it's very light and in small amounts. My clothes fit me differently, not that I am fatter, I just have more muscle mass and i'm filling my clothes in more. I seem to have dropped in weight a few lbs. which is a nice thing... not sure it was my doing or my body just adjusting to the T dose change. As summer rolls around and so does my top surgery... I am pushing myself harder to get in shape and enjoy my summer the best I can.
School: I thought i'd add a few things in here about going to school while starting T. It's been alright... nobody severely questions my gender... there have been a couple slip ups and people have called me she but I shake it off, I figure once they realize my name they will either realize they made a mistake... or wont. No big deal. Ofcourse it's humiliating at the time but it wares off fast. I am starting to feel really comfortable in my new name because of school. I guess that's because it gets used a lot and my birth name gets used way less now. All in all, being in school is helping me stay focused on things not transition related and helping my social status as Jason become more of a reality.
*if some of this writing doesn't make sense... take a look at my journal section and catch up on some of the things i've been dealing with.

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