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Month Three- December 2007





Notes: You can probably tell my face is less chubby even though I havn't lost any weight. I go for my first follow up  friday 12/14/07, to see how T is effecting my health if at all.
Dec. 17- I saw my Dr. on friday and she confirmed that my health is good, so she upped my dose to 1cc, every other week. This should help me relax a little more between each injection. Also, she told me to expect my changes to start coming on more now. I'm not sure if this is due to the effects of T, but my heart has been beating funny for some time now and since on T... I suppose I have paid more attention, to be sure that I am not in any danger. So, the Dr. gave me some magnesium to help regulate my heartbeat. I take 1 pill twice a day. I have been very tired lately, probably because my body is changing and it's just exhausted from good ol "puberty".



Here's a few pics from
mid-end of Dec sometime.


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